Concept                               Simona Bertozzi, Marcello Briguglio
Choreography                    Simona Bertozzi
Dance                                  Manfredi Perego, Andrea Sassoli, Demian Troiano
Music                                  Pink Floyd, Susumo Yokota, 3/4had been eliminated
Light and set                     Antonio Rinaldi
Sound design                    Roberto Passuti

Production Nexus 2013
With the support of Regione Emilia Romagna, Assessorato alla Cultura
In collaboration with Crexida / Fienile Fluò Bologna
Creation residency at Dom La Cupola del Pilastro Bologna, Centro Mousikè Bologna
Associazione Era Acquario Parma

Orphans investigates the urgency of finding our own place, starting from our body, reaching the other people, going through our dreams, memories and projections.
The concepts are those of deprivation, detachment and the exaltation of conquest.
In the choreography the image of the orphan evoked in the title becomes a condition of the body that, abandoned and wandering, subject to a series of epiphanies that accompany its growth process, tries to define it’s own space. The scene becomes a landscape and the spectator is engaged in a sensory contemplation of presences defined by trajectories and vectors of movement, by geometries of actions and their opposite. The action is real or potential. The space occupied by the body is mirrored by a space full of projections of movement, an orphan space that is empty but not void, because it is burdened with a desire of warmth, rift, extension, split, challenge and abandon.

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