Concept                                             Simona Bertozzi

                                                            Claudio Pasceri


Choreography                                 Simona Bertozzi


Music Program                                 

L.v. Beethoven, Die Grosse Fuge op 133 per quartetto d’archi

Riccardo Perugini, Ad Io per violoncello ed elettronica*

Wolfgang Rihm, Zwischen den Zeilen per quartetto d’archi**


*Prima esecuzione assoluta. Commissione EstOvest 2020
**Prima esecuzione italiana


Dancers                                             Giulio Petrucci, Manolo Perazzi, Sara Sguotti, Oihana Vesga, Simona Bertozzi


NEXT, New Ensemble Xenia Turin

Adrian Pinzaru, violino

Eilis Cranitch, violino

Enrico Carraro, viola

Claudio Pasceri, violoncello


Librettist                                            Leonardo De Santis


Light design and space set            Giuseppe Filipponio


Costume designer                             Katia Kuo


Organization and promotion         Monica Aranzi, Irene Bertolina, Beatrice Capitani



Torinodanza Festival/Teatro Stabile di Torino-Teatro Nazionale,  EstOvest Festival, Nexus e MilanOLtre


With the support of

Mibact, Regione Emilia Romagna, Compagnia di San Paolo, Regione Piemonte, Comune di Bologna


In collaboration with                         Lavanderia a Vapore – Centro di Residenza Coreografica, Ateliersi Bologna

Nell’ambito del progetto CORPO LINKS CLUSTER sostenuto dal programma di cooperazione PC interreg V A – ITALIA – FRANCIA (ALCOTRA 2014-2020) 

Between the lines aims to affirm the power of a meeting in which choreography and music create a dialogue made of density and emptying, apparitions and escapes.

On stage the relationship between five dancers and a string quartet compose an architecture of body and sound physicality which unfolds on the dimension of the limit.

Both in the choreographic trend and in the musical structure, from Beethoven’s Die Grosse Fuge, to Rihm’s intermittence, the limit appears as an experience of encroachment, freedom, but also of vulnerability, which mobilizes the agreement perspectives and relationship among bodies, evoking a renewed configuration in the relationship between individual and community.

On the changing and contrasted texture of the actions between evidence and fluctuations, unprecedented opportunities appear for oxygenating the distances.

New agreements which emphasize an energetic proximity that changes its forms in becoming pneuma and common breath.

The individual gesture appears repeated and in continuous reconstruction, highlighting a mixture of origins and projections that find the greatest degree of presence and interpenetration in the contrasting structure of Beethoven’s composition. .

The collective research for a common vocabulary of gestures stands as a possibiity to be porous and admit diversity.

The meeting asks to be exact, that exactitude that surprises a moment before being understood. And it seems to emerge from the invisible.  Between the lines, in fact…


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