Project and creation Simona Bertozzi

Creation assistant Stefania Tansini

In the frame of the triennial project of the dance theatre course 2018/2020 titled “ contemporary dance and folklore / performative arts


The hidden being is a training, research and creation project thought for the second year of the dance theatre course. It’s perspective of study and practice of the movement pays close attention to the performative dimension in the wideness of its declinations.

The work will be a resettlement (or a reopening) of the creation path conceived for Animals without tale, 2014 show, built on the animality dimension. Dimension which is investigated in the presence, the gesture and the choreographic composition crossing the solid and thin vitality that emerges from Maria Zambrano’s opera, Claros del bosque.

The prevalent suggestion that I picked up from Maria Zambrano’s opera is her way to listen the perceiving being which emerges in the immediacy, which does not extinguish its creative power, which meets the lights with its breathe.

A vital meaning suspended in the infinite that is close to the animal world, to the vigilant condition, suspension, extreme energetic perception. The animal shows us the calm, that unstoppable reflection that cancels the immobility illusion, and stimulate us to intercept the thinnest vibration of the body, the deepest origin of the movement.

Work plan:

Anatomic and space mapping

Reflection, suspension, off balance and gravity

Magnetism in the construction of body dynamics

Real time relation management, with definite tasks

Generative grammar and individual & coral vocabulary construction, with different grades of presence.

Image and choreographic structure composition, repeatable and modulable with different listening and space/time relation grades.

These are the substantial study and practice phases faced with the students, reaching a final compositive structure.

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