Project Simona Bertozzi, Marcello Briguglio

Dance Daniele Albanese, Simona Bertozzi

Voice Angela Baraldi

Sound compositions Daniela Cattivelli

Management Monica Aranzi

Promotion Beatrice Capitani

Press office Michele Pascarella

Production Nexus 2020

With the contribution of Mibact – Regione Emilia Romagna

In partnership with Almastudios – Bologna

Thinking about this project, based on the 40th anniversary of the Ustica disaster, has naturally freed, beyond the other references, a consideration on the time.

Time lived in the fullness and roundedness typical of the four decades that in our life experience represent the passage from carefreeness to maturity; and suspended time, frozen and heavy in a denied growth; time of a posture never reached in the truth awareness, the eco of which arrives from the voices and the words whispered by the Boltansky opera, in the Ustica Memoriam Museum.

Weaving together those inspirations I thought that the project could be conceived as a love song. Love for the lightness of the summer evenings, for the songs heard by the open windows, from “the hot wind of the summer” (as a famous Italian song quotes)… also a painful love, broken… sunk.

A love song takes place in a swapping of presences and actions which, as the DC-9 fragments, seem to emerge from an unreachable distance.

Songs, repeated gestures and dance scores flow by osmosis and energetic exchanges, pulling together lightness and vertigo nourished by the evocative potential of some of the most popular songs of summer 1980.