Project and choreography Simona Bertozzi

Dancers Beatrice Manvati, Niccolò Schiavini, Gilberto Filini, Delia Albani, Sara Palmentino, Teodor Ciobanu, Alice Ugetti, Rebecca Costa, Letizia Ponti, Mattia Schiavini

Production Nexus 2019

With the support of  Mibac & Regione Emilia Romagna

Length 30 min

It is a very fertile, creative ground the one which Simona Bertozzi investigates to build this new work with very young interpreters. According to her words the game represents: limitation of time and space, freedom within the limits of the rules, seriousness and severity in playing a role, immersion in the process, detachment from the result of the action. You can always start over! A project inspired by the relationship that today’s adolescents have established with the game and some of its typical aspects: on the one hand rules, measure, control and on the other creativity and improvisation.