Dance and choreography                         Simona Bertozzi

Live music and electronics                       Francesco Giomi

Theoretical-compositional vision           Enrico Pitozzi

Light planning and space setting           Antonio Rinaldi

Voice                                                             Mirella Mastronardi

Management                                              Beatrice Capitani

Press Office                                                 Michele Pascarella

Production                                                  Nexus 2016

In collaboration with                               Tempo Reale

With the contribution of                          Mibact e Regione Emilia Romagna

Creative residences                                  Teatro Rasi Ravenna,

With the support of                                  H(ABITA)T – Rete di Spazi per la Danza/Mousiké

Anatomy is born from the meeting of two bodies: biology and sound. It’s the diagram of their lines of strength, trajectories, and dislocations, tears in space and form where in time plays out; relationships between speed and slowness, this is anatomy’s way of being.

Anatomy  is then what is left of this encounter at the limits of hearing, on the margins of the eyes, where tensions occur in a continuous tactile relationship between organic matter and sound. Cutting, inciding, acustically dissecting body and its space to bring forth an image; such is the power, the impact of this encounter. What’s left is a scene-landscape, a constellation. It’s not enough to listen or hear to capture its irradiating brilliance, to feel its vibrations; one requires impossible eyes and ears.

Enrico Pitozzi

— —

“On Simona Bertozzi or on the way she occupies the scene it could be written an anthropological essay, a flight manual, a natural science catalogue, a dynamic decomposition vademecum […] An unforgettable and unclassifiable show.”

Rodolfo Di Giammarco, la Repubblica

“Facing the manifestation of invisible movements of the human anatomy thinner parts, with its secrets dramaturgies, a dancer like Simona Bertozzi can make those parts totally clear.”

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Enrico Piergiacomi, Università degli Studi di Trento


“There’s a lot of new and something ancient in this moving body which, searching a new gestural and creative grammar, becomes atom, generative particle, in a space made by a non-scenic place, but wisely well-lighted creating contrasts and magnetic visual oppositions from whose meeting, or clash, spring a lot of long and brief durations actions”.

Giuseppe Liotta, Hystrio