Animals without fable


Concept               Simona Bertozzi, Marcello Briguglio

Choreography    Simona Bertozzi

Dance                  Miriam Cinieri, Francesca Duranti, Lucia Guarino, Stefania Tansini, Simona Bertozzi

Music                   Francesco Giomi

Light and set      Antonio Rinaldi

Theoretical collaboration Enrico Pitozzi

Costumes           Micol Guizzardi
Organization     Federica Furlanis
Press                   Michele Pascarella

Duration 50’

Production Nexus 2014

With the contribute of Fondo per la Danza D’autore/Regione Emilia Romagna
With the support of ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
In collaboration with  Comune di Bologna


Animali senza favola (Animals without fable) is an intense choreography project that aims to research an exploration of the concept of animality.  Animality felt as a condition of tactility and expressed through an intense and strongly dynamic exercise. A kind of slipperiness that doesn’t fit to the boundaries of a story, of a narrative, and tends to shift the condition of communication inside the pure impulse of the anatomy and its inner capacity to become a never ending fluency.

Taking inspiration from the spanish philosopher Maria Zambrano and, in particular, her work titled Los claros del bosque, this condition of animality assumes in the choreography writing and in its poetical goal, a feminine connotation as it becomes the choral strenght to a pulse to life in a constant reiteration of rebirth.

On stage five female dancers of different ages, deeply engaged in a ritualistic path of gestural communication and choreography writing.

(Simona Bertozzi)


“Simona Bertozzi – capable of turning on a light with a slackening of her neck, with a twitch, with a sudden twisting”.

Massimo Marino, Corriere di Bologna – December 2014

“A somehow touching outcome, which takes 60 minutes and, at about two third of the time, we have the complete sensation to being in front of a masterpiece”.

Renzo Francabandera, PAC – Paneacquaculture, June 29th 2015

“Even in the dislocation and in the research of individual solutions, typical of the (at this point happily wise) style of this artist, the group seems to constitute the real body link from which, with hard runs, limb twists, lifts and suspensions, the single performers can detach themselves, creating each one a personal sliver of action”.

Giulia Taddeo, Krapp’s Last Post, 22 December 2014