Project                                                                        Simona Bertozzi, Marcello Briguglio

Concept and choreography                                   Simona Bertozzi

Dance                                                                          Wolf Govaerts, Manolo Perazzi, Sara Sguotti, Oihana Vesga

Singing                                                                        Giovanni Bortoluzzi, Ilaria Orefice

Sound direction and music                                     Francesco Giomi

Dramaturg                                                                  Enrico Pitozzi

Lighting and set design                                           Simone Fini

Costumes                                                                    Katia Kuo

Video maker                                                               Luca del Pia

Length:                                                                         60 min.



ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione | Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena | Associazione Culturale Nexus

With the contribution of:

MIBAC | Regione Emilia Romagna | Fondo Regionale per la Danza d’Autore

With the support of:

Fondazione Nazionale della Danza – Aterballetto | l’Arboreto Teatro Dimora di Mondaino



“The real happiness represents the great dilemma of everyone, or at least of the wisest one.”

                                                                                                                                                                                          Pierre  Zaoui

Joie de vivre is a thought in a choreographic form, which relates to the vegetal universe, willing to investigate specific behaviours in the relationship between body and space.

In Joie de vivre the preponderance of an emerging behaviour is the symptom of an energetic purpose, of an organic and perceptual impulse, of a practice, which is developed between the human being and the entire world.

This kind of behaviour is a phenomenon  which initiates continual irradiations, among belongings and deepness, placing the body in an arrangement of admissions and distances in relation to the knowledge: of itself, of other people, of the territory, of our habitat and environment.

Joie de vivre  points to that biological dimension of the existence, to the limitless interrogation of the standing among the events, a time and a place. Everything happens looking to the vegetal universe, trying to catch the florescent and rhizomatic attitudes of the changes in state, absorbed in a logic made by silent and invisible transformations, tactical skills, territorial projects, borders mobilities, meetings and settings of liquid communities.

Joie de vivre tells about natural inclination, emerging behaviours, polyphonic relations between events and elements. In those border territories, the docking is not certain, and the singularities burst into the dynamic landscape continuum to maintain the elementary urgency of their existences.

Joie de vivre prefers the scale variations, in which the rhythmic variances rules the choreographic

composition, and the gestures vegetal origin is searched in the bodies depth, in the infinite

anatomy’s skills.


— —

“With the compositive accuracy which denotes her, Simona Bertozzi built a surgical show in which the osmosis between space, lights, performers – four dancers and two dyphonic singers – becomes a political act of survival.”

Maria Luisa Buzzi, Danza&Danza


“A metaphysical landscape, an open door on an slightly unreal dimension… in that breath of the bodies, in their irreducible singularities and in their contacts, in the research of balance, although uncertain, you clearly read the ineffable flowing of the time, the unstoppable flux of the being, without a purpose or judgment, and then, maybe, the happiness.”

Roberto Giambrone, Il Sole 24 Ore


“It’s a work in which the opening to the constant dialogue it’s an essential factor. Welcoming the bodies in the creation process, starting from their unavoidable unicity can generate a sort of joy, that joie de vivre which inspired the title. Following that way the dancers move in certain moments with a creeping strategy and uncertain moorings. The will is to occupy the widest space as possible, and to find the most efficient contacts between the bodies.”

Franco Acquaviva,

“In that variation of the species in an eternal shifting, of forms in changing observed in their mutation, of surprise born from an active imaginary, flows the swarming gesture of the four dancers of the new, beautiful creation of Simona Bertozzi.”

Giuseppe Distefano, Artribune

Danza e gioia di vivere. La nuova coreografia di Simona Bertozzi