It is a very fertile, creative ground the one which Simona Bertozzi investigates to build this new work with very young interpreters. According to her words the game represents: limitation of time and space, freedom within the limits of the rules, seriousness and severity in playing a role, immersion in the process, detachment from the result of the action.

Prometheus: Architecture

A choreographic picture that meld perspectives, researches and suspensions according to the city in which it takes place.


Lotus is a performance project by the Simona Bertozzi dance company/Nexus, winner of the competition MigrArti 2017, announced by Mibact. The project involves sixteen young dancers from ages 8 to 16 coming from the association Tamil in Italy.

Prometheus: Poetry

Anatomies in growth, tending towards verticality and vectorial sense in their acting that remain suspended even when close to the ground, as they’re not inclined to welcome the force of gravity.

looking at grass-level

Secondo uno schema di attraversamenti e configurazioni geometriche, i giovani interpreti

compongono una partitura di gesti e pulsazioni dinamiche in cui l’avvicendarsi di ruoli e mimetismi rimanda alla narrazione del folklore ludico infantile.