Prometheus: Contemplation


Concept                                    Simona Bertozzi, Marcello Briguglio
Choreographer and dancer  Simona Bertozzi
Music                                        Alva Noto, Alarms Will  Sound
Light plot                                 Antonio Rinaldi
Management                           Beatrice Capitani
Booking                                    Beatrice Capitani
Press Office                              Michele Pascarella
Length                                       20’ min
Production                               Simona Bertozzi Company | Nexus 2015

Supported by                      Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto
With the contribution of  MIBACT and Regione Emilia Romagna


All the arts (come) to the mortals by Prometheus.”

Aeschilus, Chained Prometheus

Prometheus’ aim is to introduce to the human being the capability to made, forge, grow and build.  He’s gift is to delve into a practice in which the action becomes complex, focused on the care, on the creative vitality.

In this Prometheus: Contemplation abstract, the alone figure which appears doesn’t reveal an incipit of her action or her source.

The action score is organized, but the persistence on the practice breaks every time the tactile borders, exposing every motion to the vulnerability of the spotless and hanging present of the stage.

A rhythmic gymnasium: in which the rule reversibility and their melting engrave. An action tableau, which contemplation is entrusted to the audience.