Prometheus: Poetry


Project  Simona Bertozzi, Marcello Briguglio

Choreography Simona Bertozzi

Dance  Anna Bottazzi, Arianna Ganassi, Camilla Incerti Vezzani, Giacomo Reggiani, Letizia Violi

Music Francesco Giomi, Susumu Yokota

Light Planning Giulia Pastore

Management Beatrice Capitani

Press Office Michele Pascarella


Theoretical references Salvatore Viganò, Prometeo, introduction, editing and commentary by Stefano Tomassini, Torino, LegendA, 1999


Production Nexus 2015

Co-production Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto

With the contribution of MIBACT e Regione Emilia Romagna

In collaborazion with Progetto Danza Reggio Emilia


Creative Residence Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto Reggio Emilia

Progetto Danza Reggio Emilia




“…Poetry as a tendency towards exactness…”

Italo Calvino


“Poetry is: action without borders, immensity, harmony, contrast, rhythm, a different order…”

Anna, Arianna, Camilla, Giacomo, Letizia


In this third portrait of Prometheus, subtle features are found in space, dynamic, aware, luminous.

Five adolescents.

Anatomies in growth, tending towards verticality and vectorial sense in their acting that remain suspended even when close to the ground, as they’re not inclined to welcome the force of gravity.

There’s a desire for rapid immersion in movement that doesn’t plunge into the vertigo of practice, but that draws, one the side of the slope, the possibility of a new trajectory, of a path to mark with body and following image, regenerating time by time its dynamic coordinates, postures, gazes, and adjacencies. Small flames.

Here, Prometheus’ techniques take on the specific weight of bodies that instantly measure the pulsations of movement, linking the exertion of intention with unexpected fragility, tremors, sleight motions and balancing acts. Youth that sharpens gestures.

Traces of a necessity for exploration, of entering the world, that make every gesture and action into a spark, a flash of light, an incision, that extends and dislocates, cleaving air and space. Exercises in resistance.

Poetry of the fragmented, of energetic lunges, of plurality.

(Simona Bertozzi)

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